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Joiners Magazine Articles

June 2020                  We are not in the same boat

March 2020               Resilience – Adapt or Die

December 2019         Building Better

September 2019       What value are you selling? Products? Services? Brand? Reliability?

June 2019                   Are you charging enough?

March 2019                First things first – back to basic principles

December 2018        Flexibility and agility – create the team you need

September 2018      Maintain control of your future; don’t just roll with the market

June 2018                  Timing is everything

March 2018               Performance for profit

December 2017        Stop, Keep Calm… and Carry On

September 2017      Pressure – friend or foe?

June 2017                  The problem with assumptions

March 2017               The dilemma of being busy