Better Choices, Better Outcomes

How we work

Being the owner of any small business is tough. Being the owner of a small business within the construction industry is arguably tougher.

As your business & leadership coach, Ian Featherstone’s goal is to help you make better choices to achieve better outcomes.

“Running a business can feel quite lonely and I needed someone unconnected to the company that I could talk to, and whose opinions and advice I could trust”

“What’s great about Ian is that he has a real hands on understanding of our trade and has a corporate background too. I’m not from the corporate world at all, but I certainly recognise the value to a small business of some of their strategies and principles”

Focus and direction

Clarifying your purpose, vision and values. Communicating this throughout the company to ensure cohesion and motivation.

Using financial and operational business planning to create a meaningful profit & loss format and review process.

Analysing customers, segments and products to determine profitability – and identify profit improvement opportunities.

Implementing practical business turnaround programmes.

Applying proven feedback and risk systems (including KPIs, review cycles and performance rankings) to monitor and evaluate progress.

Strengthening your team

Enabling improved business habits, responsibility and decision-making through one-to-one or group coaching.

Defining job descriptions and objectives, including advice on restructuring, recruitment and disciplinary procedures to keep the business efficient and compliant.

Setting leadership standards in line with the company’s values, ensuring consistent service delivery.

Establishing effective business processes for sales, production planning, capacity management and manufacturing. Coaching team leaders in these to help maximise results.

Exit strategy

Building in succession planning as part of leadership coaching for key staff members.

Preparing the business for sale, including the presentation of information to prospective buyers, brokers and investors.

Self-confidence and resolve

Ian is your trusted confidante. You can rely on him for honest, objective opinions given in good faith and with only with you and your business’ best interests at heart. He can give you greater reassurance about your decisions and he’ll keep you accountable to your goals.


 “The business is going fantastically which flows on to my confidence in decision-making, and I am looking forward to the future instead of worrying about it, especially with Ian on the other end of the phone”