Better Choices, Better Outcomes

Business Reviews & Mini Audits


With over 30 years of industry experience we can take an independent look at your business from the outside, then provide you valuable feedback, including leading industry benchmarks from which to “re-set” performance standards.

I love to visit and meet with new clients and their staff to discover how the business operates and observe the clarity of purpose, alignment of people, as well as productivity measures, financial KPIs and to understand the owners goals, hopes, dreams and frustrations.

Glass Half Full is a member of the New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation  which uses the internationally renowned Baldridge Excellence Framework to measure and improve performance across 7 key business areas.



Customer Focus

Measurement, analysis & knowledge management

Workforce focus, People structure, roles and responsibilities

Operations focus


We have found that in as little as 1 day, a number of initiatives are identified, which if acted upon, would make a difference.