Better Choices, Better Outcomes

Sales Management Tools

Handling inquiries, generating leads and managing them through the process (sales pipeline) and turning them into profitable sales is a discipline that exists in successful businesses.

The goodwill in the business is directly linked to your repeat business and how well you handle inquires.

If you have spent money on marketing to generate leads, then every lead is even more valuable.

Are you managing your inquires and leads in a systematic, repeatable way?

Do you know who is handling each inquiry and where it is at?

Are you prospects receiving the attention and information in a timely manner that they need to make a buying decision?

You do not have to make it difficult or invest a lot of time and money on new software.  To get started, keep a simple list of inquires and monitor it each week.

We can  help you build a simple “Smart List” that provides you with information on how many leads and $ are in your pipeline and what stage in your sales process they are at and who is managing them.

“Smart List” getting started with CRM thinking and creating better habits

“Lead source”  know where your leads and work is coming from and measure your marketing spend success rate

See who is working on what prospects and for how long

Understand your sales peoples priorities and help re-focus them on the prospects that fit your strategy and are the most profitable.